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Hi and welcome!

Thank you for exploring!

I am Cary. 

Daughter of two wonderful and still married parents. 
Photographer who resides in beautiful Colorado but travels whenever possible.
I am a visual storyteller and adventurer.
My style is journalistic and simultaneously artistic.  
I prefer finding the illusive moments in a street-style fashion... unobtrusive but rich in feeling. 
I am passionate about black and white photography though I photograph weddings in color. Feel free to just request all black and white though. I would be thrilled!
I have a magazine staff photographer as well as an editorial photo editor background. Both make me a strong story teller.
I love working with people who resonate with my style and trust my decisions. That makes the process and images seamless.

I have....

Ascended (3) 20,000' volcanoes, trekked all over the beautiful Himalayas, shared chai with the Nepalis and Indians, paraglided off Aspen mountain solo, practiced yoga in Mysore India for 3 months at the Patabi Jois Shala, and shared vino tinto and yummy frommage with the French.

I am...

Passionate and compassionate
Easy going and fun
Green drink and organic greens nut (Love organic everything and would make a good goat as far as my diet goes!) 
Yogi, rock climber, lover of language
Globe trotter passionate about travel and cultures
Painting and photo major
Former staff travel photographer for Southern Living Magazine
Former Outward Bound Guide
Getting older but still wear the same size I did in highschool. 
Other likes: music, dance, smiles, dark chocolate, espresso, kind eyes, strong minds, vibrant souls, adventurous spirits

What does this say...

For starters; I am a creative visual story teller with a sizeable resume who is worldly, thoughtful and friendly. I want to experience and express your wedding day story through images in an artistic way that would be both memorable and  frameable. I want you to be thrilled with your photos. And, last but certainly not least; I want to get to know you so that I can best know how to capture your story! Let's talk.... ! 


Brigitte & Mike

"Our wedding day was the best day of our life. Cary Jobe Photography captured every moment and more. They were amazing to work with and the photography was nothing less then spectacular. I would highly recommend Cary and her crew to anyone looking for images that tell a unique story."

Lindsay & Judd

"Cary didn’t just shoot our wedding; she captured the in-between candid moments that we weren’t able to see, and did so without even knowing she was there. Her creativity allowed us to discover a whole new side of our wedding, the side that others shared, and we are so grateful for now being able to experience those forever."

Erin & Botsy

“Cary Jobe is an incredibly compassionate and talented photographer.  She came to Mexico for our wedding and did an amazing job dealing with our family and the travel situation to make our day memorable.  I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the pictures came out and so asked her again later to photograph our son and then to do my yoga teacher portraits.  I get compliments several times a week on our pictures from Cary.  We love Cary and think she’s a hidden gem!”

Andrea & Charlie

"We flew Cary out to my parents farm in Illinois to photograph our wedding and it was the most amazing experience. Not only did she settle in amongst family and friends in a new place, but captured the most intimate and memorable experiences of the weekend. She has such an eye for honest beauty and when we received the book of photos for our wedding, she had put together every moment of tears, joy, and laughter. With her ability to capture these moments, our experience will perfectly live forever in our memories."